Benefits of Membership

An Extraordinary Outlet

The members of Sweet Adelines International are an amazing group of women who sing harmony and have fun! Joining a family of over 21,000 talented, energetic and fun-loving women is a significant benefit all on its own. After getting to know your chorus and the organization through the first year of membership, you may start to get a sense of the vastness it all encompasses. The virtually limitless benefits stretch far beyond most expectations. Members experience exciting opportunities to entertain within their communities, compete with the most talented barbershop singers in the world, and participate in fun social activities and spectacular performance opportunities.

But let’s not forget the superb, unmatched vocal education and training that is available to members. The main purpose of Sweet Adelines International is education of its members in the art of singing four-part harmony, barbershop style. From what each member experiences at rehearsals to regional and international music education forums and festivals, Sweet Adelines members have access to quality music education programs presented by top educators in the field. Members learn music and vocal production, choreography, stage production, costuming, makeup and much more. Training and certification programs are also available to members in the areas of directing, arranging, judging, teaching, personal growth and leadership. These programs are designed to inspire you to reach new levels of success in a supportive community of friends.

Additional benefits include discounts on sheet music, CDs, videos, books, brochures, merchandise,  convention registrations  and special music arrangements by internationally recognized arrangers made available only to members. Members also receive a free subscription to the The Pitch Pipe, the official magazine of Sweet Adelines International, plus other various newsletters and publications.

Through meeting people, learning to work together, developing music education skills and gaining leadership skills through volunteer work, members increase their self-confidence and use these experiences to improve their personal and professional lives. Whether it’s the joy of singing, the educational and leadership opportunities, the unwavering motivation of others, or the life-long friendships formed that helps build the deep passion and commitment members possess, there is no doubt that Sweet Adelines International is an extraordinary outlet for women.


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