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Listen to what some Piney Hills Harmony Chorus members have to say about being in an organization like ours. These comments were compiled in June 2012.


Karen Downs:Karen contest14

Being a member of Piney Hills Harmony Chorus and Sweet Adelines International makes me feel like even though I'm the only daughter in my family, I have thousands of singing "sisters" who love to do the same thing – ring chords and make people smile in the process.


Peggy Laws:

Rejoining PHHC was a huge decision, but being welcomed back with hugs and smiles made me realize why I joined in the first place. Coming from a small family with no siblings, it's a wonderful thing to be part of a large family with lots of sisters to laugh with you when you're happy and comfort you when you're down. No matter how I feel, discouraged, upset, tired, etc. once we start making harmony my whole mood changes for the better. I've had the opportunity to meet and make friends with others from all over who share my "hobby." Ladies who I never would have had the chance to know are now in my life.


PeggyL Xmas_giftBesides the personal side, I have learned sooo much about music and singing techniques since I joined Sweet Adelines. I hope that my vocal skills have improved as much as I think they have. We have the best instructors available and ready to help us improve whenever we ask. I now feel confident in my ability to blend and sing with my "sisters."


Of course, when I think about singing in the chorus I can't leave out performances. I have discovered that sharing our music and receiving the applause is one of the most wonderful feelings of all. It's great to look out and see people keeping the beat or singing along, maybe helping them recall happy memories. I still remember the honor of standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and singing among other things, "Battle Hymn of the Republic."


There are so many aspects to why I've kept coming back for more, so many more than the reason I visited the first time. I thought I "just" wanted to sing, but, when I got to step on the risers for the first time and make amazing harmony with a great group of women, I knew I was hooked! Just about from the beginning, I've referred to rehearsal night as "Thursday Therapy." That kind of sums it all up.


Jerri Mahoney:

Sweet Adelines … are the best!


Being a "barbershop" brat, I knew what barbershop singing was. I would listen to my father's quartet practice at least twice a week as they met at each other's homes to do their rehearsing. It was pretty, but I wasn't interested in singing with NO music…it wasn't heard of as a young teenager who was absolutely smitten with Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, the Mickey Mouse Club and Ricky Nelson. The tenor of my father's quartet would bring his son with him to rehearsal and after developing that school girl crush on him, I began listening more closely, and the music was growing on me. But, as teenagers go, I was off to many adventures before barbershop singing became something I might even consider.


Jerri SAofYrAfter marrying and having my own children, a professor friend of mine invited me on several occasions to come check out her Sweet Adeline chorus. I wasn't really aware of the Sweet Adelines, only barbershop singing from my father's point of view. I had a full-time job and was in the process of raising three very, very, busy children, I couldn't see how I could manage another thing. Eventually, my friend stopped inviting me.


Many, many years passed. We transferred to another state. The children were now grown, and we had grandchildren in various stages of elementary, junior high and high school. I found a job with a church as their secretary in our new home. Before long, the choir director invited me to visit a Sweet Adeline group with her and some of the other ladies of the church. I would make excuses one after the other until I finally ran out of them. I accepted her invitation this time.


We made the hour and ten minute trek to Ruston, LA, from Shreveport to visit this chorus of about 30 women. I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel I was kind of important. I have to admit, I liked the feeling. They did their warm-up exercises, physically and vocally, then took to the risers. Oh, my goodness, they had me from first line of the song….I absolutely fell in love and thought I had died and gone to heaven. The melody, the harmony; it was breathtaking. I knew after the first few bars, I had to be one of "them." However, I felt I was clearly in over my head. I had no previous formal music training. I had sung in the high school choir, which seemed a hundred years ago, the girls sextet, at church and most recently in the shower. It appeared this group had many accomplished musicians, and I was intimidated by both their abilities and their extensive repertoire. There was just too much to learn when you are starting from nothing. And yet, I had to find out if I could be a Sweet Adeline.


AftJerri prez_pinninger much soul searching, I decided it was time for me to make time to pursue a passion that had lain quieted for far too long…singing. I love it. It took many weeks of visiting before I would gather up enough nerve to audition. Finally, I auditioned and was inducted into the group surrounded by smiling faces of the most amazing wonderful "sisters." I was shocked yet so very happy…I had passed. Hooray! I was now a full-fledged Sweet Adeline.


This "hobby" has been one of my biggest and best accomplishments. The friendships of the wonderful women; the excitement of mastering something I thought I never could; the self-satisfaction in knowing that I finally made the effort to pursue something I loved and not let "some day" get by me. Or maybe it was the looks of admiration and happiness I got from my husband's, my daughter's, my grandson's and granddaughter's faces and the genuine scintillation in their eyes that night after seeing their wife, their mother and their grandmother in her very first annual show all dressed up performing on stage. I was all decked out in a gorgeous costume, false eyelashes, red nails and "Big" hair…I felt like Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion all rolled into one. And for that one defining moment, I would certainly do it all over again.


Every week I continued to show up. And every week it has become one of the best moves I could ever have made. My singing "sisters" are wonderful and my "hobby" makes me feel so very good. I am in my eighth year as a Sweet Adeline and my only regret is not having "found" Sweet Adelines until my middle 50s. So many more years I could have enjoyed and learned and loved the art of singing barbershop style. So, if you love to sing, if you love to learn, if you love exploring, don't wait…check them out online. Go for it! You will fall in love. They will build esteem, they will build character, they will teach you an amazing art form…the education, the possibilities are endless and the friendships are forever.


Rebecca McNeill:CharlesEtta Becca

I can't truly tell all that Piney Hills Harmony Chorus has meant to me. My fellow chorus members have been there for me through some very difficult times in the past year or so and their support has meant the world to me. I can, however, say that I have learned many new skills that have helped increase my self-confidence and helped me learn to utilize talents that had remained unexplored until I joined the chorus. I've had the opportunity to learn from world champion singers and directors and to work with like-minded ladies in preserving a unique American musical art-form. Nothing I've experienced in my life can compare!


JudySis cuteJudy Sisson:

A friend invited me to attend a cappella vocal lessons being given by a chorus in Ruston. I grew up singing this style of music, so I was intrigued. The chorus sang for us that night – and also a quartet. I was hooked. I didn't know that women sang bass! The harmony was wonderful. I had never heard of Sweet Adelines International but soon found out how amazing this organization is. I have learned so much about singing and the barbershop style. I joined the chorus because of the music, but after being a member for 13 years, it's so much more. It's performing and seeing smiles on the faces in our audience. It's also the camaraderie, the feeling of closeness, friendship and love that exists between the chorus members. They truly are my extended family, my singing sisters.

November 21, 2018

Come visit us! Sweet Adelines International conducts two "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" Global Open Houses each year, and Piney Hills Harmony is issuing the invitation for you to visit us any Thursday at 6 p.m. during one of our rehearsals in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian Church of Ruston, 212 N. Bonner.  Click here for a wonderful testimontial video from the international office titled "Love to Sing?" For more information, use the "Contact Us" link above or call Carol at (318) 348-2291.  (Note:  Although we rarely cancel or change rehearsal nights, you might want to check just to make sure before planning to attend.)


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