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Piney Hills Harmony Chorus is always seeking new members in every voice range.  If you're interested, please come to one of our rehearsals, which are held (almost) every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church of Ruston, 212 N. Bonner.  You can take a listen and see what you think.

Peggy Sheila_huggingWe're a very warm, welcoming group of women of all ages and from all walks of life.  Not only can you watch and listen; we'd also like to invite you onto the risers to sing with us!  If you have fun (and we trust that you will!), we'll provide you with information on how to join the chorus.

There's a user-friendly audition process, and we'll guide you through it every step of the way.  Meanwhile, here are some tips to consider:


~ Barbershop music is much more than "just singing"... and it requires more theatrical performance than singing in a school or church choir.  So the more artistry that you can put into your face and body movements while on the risers or on stage, the better!


~  In Barbershop, vibrato is a "no-no"... it interferes with the "lock and ring" of Barbershop chords and doesn't allow for overtones to be produced. For the most part, vibrato is a learned stylization that is great for solo singing but doesn't work in Barbershop.  So if you can sing solid notes without a vibrato, that's a plus.  If you're used to singing vibrato, we can train you to sing without one, so don't worry!  Smile


~   Don't be scared!  Remember, we want  you to do well and become part of our chorus!


Got Questions?  Need more information?


Please contact Sheila at or call 318.237.3331



November 21, 2018

Come visit us! Sweet Adelines International conducts two "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" Global Open Houses each year, and Piney Hills Harmony is issuing the invitation for you to visit us any Thursday at 6 p.m. during one of our rehearsals in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian Church of Ruston, 212 N. Bonner.  Click here for a wonderful testimontial video from the international office titled "Love to Sing?" For more information, use the "Contact Us" link above or call Carol at (318) 348-2291.  (Note:  Although we rarely cancel or change rehearsal nights, you might want to check just to make sure before planning to attend.)


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